A day at the Er

So my wife had surgery last week. Noting super major but a survey just the same. Well today she really started to hurt so after I got her stop being her stubborn self, yes you are honey, we left for the Er at 3:00 pm. We got there at 3:15. And then in what can only be described as a scene from movies such as Outbreak and The Crazies we entered the Er. And I was thinking, hey it’s the middle of the day it has to be better than late night. I was so wrong. First we had to check in so the hospital could bill for everything they could and then we sat. And sat and… Well you get the point. So after about thirty minutes we get to the triage nurse. She does her part and it is quickly apparent that this girl is not a people person. And yes I understand stand that she Has a thankless job and deals with assholes all the time, but this is wife and you disrespect her. But she was in pain so I didn’t say anything. We went back out on to the set of The Walking Dead and then then the coughing started. My wife said it was there before nurse Ratchet but I didn’t notice it. My wife asked for a mask and I declined until the woman next to me started to vomit. Yea projectile in to a bag. I got a mask then. At this point there is one man with one shoe, not sure what his deal was. A woman coverd in a blanket “freezing”. It was cool not cold in that waiting room. Then there was the woman yelling at her phone. Yea, In the corner wrapped in a blanket. Different woman. First blanket chick was quiet. Second WAS not. Screaming about her ride left her or something to that effect. After awhile it was just babble. Very loud babble. Several older people that may or may not have needed medication. In fact there was at least 5 if not more than that out of the 20 something poor souls that were seeking meds,drugs or some kinda fix. And then that when the vomit lady fell out of her wheelchair. Face planted about 10 feet from us. Did the orderlies Fly out of the wood work to help, sadly no. Another woman started to yell nurse. Then she had to beat on the glass to the lair of the triage nurse. Ratchet opened the door with the caring of a pissed off school janitor that had cleaned up 200 to many lunch rooms. The real nurses finally came and helped her back into her chair. Her husband sayes that she has been getting sick for days now and has Ms. Let that sink in. She’s been sick for days, has Ms and is vomiting like Linda Blair. They let her sit in a wheelchair for at least a hour before she took a  header in to the floor. That’s when I started to really pay attention. One woman and been there for a few hours and she had been in a car wreck. She was very loopy and was in and out of it. There was one guy that had been there for what he said was 4 hours. And seeing it took us to get in to see a Dr 2 and half hours he might be in to something. When we finally got to “the next stage” me walked past atleat 5 people on gurneys. Reminded me of M.A.S.H just a lot cleaner and there was no humor any where. Hell even if a bomb dropped next to the hospital like on the show it would have broke up the monotony of the situation. Now we have been here almost 4 and half hours. A x ray later and the Er doctor thinks she will be fine but she has to see the Dr that performed her surgery tomorrow. But I hope this little adventure/horror story is about over. It’s been along day and even longer afternoon. 


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