Dawn of Justice 

So I finally got to go see Batman vs Superman today. It’s been out for two weeks now and the crowds have died so I took the girls for a early showing. Now I have to admit that I went in thinking of how boring Man of Steel was to me and I am also not the biggest fan of Superman. Truth be told I really don’t like his character much. I have been hearing a lot of negative things about this movie and very few positive reviews, but I like to see before I say anything. Movie starts off with a bang. And, to me did not let up. Cast was superb. Even Ben Aflack. Yes I was in the “oh hell no, don’t let him be Batman” camp. Aflack took that roll and made it his own. I hope they do make a Batman movie with him and I really want to see his roll in Suicide Squad in August. I’m just glad that DC seams to have gotten a good game plan together. Marvel has been killing them at the box office for years but now they look they might have some competition.  All in all Dawn of Justice is a very well made movie. It’s not a Marvel movie so keep that in mind. Not as much action but a great story and set up for future movies. I give it a solid 8 out of 10.  



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