Rogue One

So early this morning I get a text from a friend who ask if I had seen the teaser trailer for Rogue One A Star Wars story. And sadly I had to admit that not only had I not seen it but I didn’t even Know it was dropping today. So as soon as I got to work and found a minute to pause I brought up youtube on my phone and was blown away yet again. I got the goose bumps just as I did wit The Force Awakens trailers and even back when i was a kid and saw those trailers for the first time. Sat wars is timeless and this teaser proves it. It looks to be set during episode 4 A new Hope. The teaser has new faces and glimpses of old parts of the universe that we have all come to love. But most importantly  it has the feel of Star wars. If your a fan then you know what I mean. Every blaster bolt and screech of a tie fighter as it swooped by takes us all back to that time in our lives when we Jedi’s or smuggler’s. I’am beyond psyched for this movie. I guess Disney planes to make a Star Wars movie every year from now until the Banthas come home and i plan to be at everyone of them. Rogue-One-A-Star-Wars-Story-logo


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