The Following


Where the hell did this show come from? Last weekend my wife and I wanted something to watch on Netflix and we came across this. Now we are almost with season 2. Kevin Bacon is actually good in this as the older ex federal agent that is called back when his most famous capture escapes from prison. James Purefoy plays a wonderful villain as the shows main bad guy. I have never heard of him before this series. Plenty of curve balls and oh I did not see that coming moments in just about every episode. If you are squeamish in the slightest be warned there is a lot of blood for a prime time show. And who ever did the sound effects needs a award because everything some one got stabbed i felt it. Its one of thoise shows that grabs you and wont let go. Not the best but damn close 


2 responses to “The Following

  1. It seems that season 4 of “The Following” is being cancelled on Fox, although there may be a chance of it airing on streaming sites!


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